During the recent years of our independent research on Remote Sensing applied to mining, many people have often asked to us for making some works for small mining companies or miners, which can now be performed by a low cost of recovering the investment in time of highly skilled man-hours, and also by using advanced technological tools. Our aim is to promote its use making it accessible for knowing its benefits, as the normally high cost of these services is only available to large mining companies.


After we processed your rectangle of interest with different top tech satellite tools, the resultant vectorial information is converted to Shape, *.kmz, *.kml, *.vec format, that you can easily import into many Geographic Information Software (GIS), raster topographic and vectorial maps, and programs like OziExplorer and Google Earth.

There is available a collection of online tools to create, process, and Import / Export these files to maps and GPS for you to make your own field exploration.



SURFACE COVERAGE - Regions of interest can be located in worldwide non restricted regions and must be only 4 corner rectangles with a minimum of 200 up to 30,000 hects. Preferently no high vegetation areas.

RECTANGLES -The 4 CORNER coordinates of the rectangle selected can be easily obtained directly from many Geographic Information Systems (GIS), topographic and vectorial Maps and “Google Earth”, Always using WGS84 datum projection.
COORDINATES - Must be provided to us in degrees, minutes and seconds (DMS), or decimal degrees (DD). We also accept them in Shape, *.kml, *.kmz and *.vec formats.

PRICE -  Price for the satellite remote sensing Multi-Spectral exploration depends on the extent of the surface to analyze, and the options of report you choose according to our list of prices for type of services.

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