The Miner´s Dream

Does someone has ever daydreamed, thinking intensely that it is possible to make a fortune by discovering, exploring and exploiting a mine?. Surely some miners have had this dream. As gambling, mining is full of betting and much is due to the obsessive tendency of human nature to beat the game to our fate while we are in this world which we came without asking for and we leave without wishing. Some resort to a God, thinking he is at their service for granting them exceptional personal favors, most of the time with no merit.

In the special case of precious metals, his quest is like a virus that rampantly attacks to those dreamers and gives them a cruel fever that like “The Fool” of Tarot, makes them wandering everywhere, regardless of the difficulties, dangers, and mental mirages and obstacles.Many remain on the way and other get lost on hidden paths to others, or simply lose their reason.

As rightly said Georgious Agricola, the German wise, author of the famous first book on mining and metallurgy, in his book "De Re Metallica" in 1556, ... "The miner must have great skill in their work so that first of all, has to know everything the mountain, hill, valley or plain can be more useful prospected or what to put aside "(1).

(1) translation from Latin. Paper I. Parrafo1. Taken from original edition faximil "De Re Metallica, Basilea.1556 .- Library of the University of Salamanca, Spain.

When we have a mining claim or are thinking about acquiring another, or simply want to register a new one, it is usually due to the thrill of a small discovery, and perhaps by "hearsay" stories of the region, or because someone told us something, as a big secret and we think, assume, or dream that is rich in minerals and is worth getting it.

Nothing is more disastrous in the life of the miners that create fantasies, illusions and false expectations about the potential mineral wealth of some deposits, without a factual basis, scientific or technical. Too many entrepreneurs and miners spend large resources and waste time trying to find points of plenty profitable discoveries and some often spend years and hardship, they and their families, or consume their lives without finding them and finally there is nothing left rather than die embracing their dreams.

Despite this sad reality, since the end of the last century scientists and interdisciplinary teams of geologists, physicists, chemists and many others, have developed enormous advances in satellite remote sensing for mineral exploration in earth and even for another planets. Using special sensors or remote spectrographs, they remotely detect radiation waves emitted by all matter, creating a unique spectral "signature" for each geological-mineral element, identifying its reflectivity, emissivity, and absorption of light with amazing precision.

The rest of the submenu features an example of simple, non-technical geological language, which easily illustrates the possibilities and scope of this technology and its application in mining, in order to know where and how much presence and abundance of minerals are present in a given area, so that this can be the difference for the miners to turn their dreams into reality.